Want to spread some Joy and Positivity?

Sending someone a thoughtful message with a recognition badge is a great way to do it. Plus, it can help to foster a positive and productive work environment within your organization.

Weekly Check-in

Help define priorities and know you can help your employees

Performance Check-in

3 keen questions to guide and track employee performance.

Ask for Feedback, don’t wait for the annual review

By providing regular feedback, employees can better understand what they are doing well and where they can improve, which can help to improve communication, collaboration, and overall performance.

How do I Start

Create an account and connect to your workspace (Microsoft Teams or Slack, if applicable).

Involve colleagues in the planning process. Engagement cannot be imposed from the top down.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the tool regularly.

Getting Started


Main Advantages

  • Increases participation
  • Enhances communication
  • Facilitates remote collaboration
  • Boosts Employee morale
  • Nurtures an atmosphere of gratitude
  • Reflects organizational principles
  • Fosters appreciation

Feel motivated to grow

We believe improving your skills should be motivating, not mandatory. The world should be viewed as full of possibilities, not risks. Tap My Back is empowering on all levels, promoting a flat organizational culture.

  • Contextual learning and development of prioritized skills
  • Directly linked to top management goals and vision
  • Private and public feedback and recognition increase

Drive change in a smart way

We don’t make things overly complicated. Instead, we help you achieve your goals as efficiently and as smart as possible.

Shape culture from day one

For us, feedback is a culture-shaping tool. We aim to accelerate a growth culture in the organizations we work with, and we know that everyone needs to be onboard - that’s why we build empowering learning environments, always with a positive outlook.

  • Engages actively and lightly and creates a desire for a real-time feedback culture

  • Personal accountability through follow-up actions and check-in-conversations

  • Content, tools, and templates for better practices on different skill levels

How our Customers Use Tap My Back

How their workforce gets to spin the wheel of fortune every month

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Satisfaction with FEEDBACK increased by 25% in a period of one year

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eNPS increased from 27 to 51 in 3 years, and the number of taps up by 117% year on year

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Tap My Back is the engagement software to bring your team to the next level, no bells and whistles and straight to the point.

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