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Analyse The Mood With Our Powerful Mood Analytics

Mood analytics enable you to review mood check-ins from your employees, providing clarity on the distribution of positive and negative moods throughout your organization.

Mood analytics and statistic settings

Brighten your team's day by tuning into their mood with a sprinkle of fun!

Stay on top of your team's vibes, ramp up workplace happiness, and supercharge productivity! Cultivate a workplace that's all about support and positivity while championing employee well-being and mental health. And hey, if your team spills the beans, make sure to lend an ear and take action on what they share!

Track Your Team's Mood with Ease

Acquire understanding through sentiment analysis, monitor its progression over time, and utilize it to support and uplift your teams as needed

Mood analytics and statistic settings

Mood Survey Setup

Determine whether team members can choose to respond openly or anonymously, or if all responses must be anonymous. Users will receive daily notifications to share their mood.

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Recognition & Rewards

Assign a specific value to each recognition tap or establish a periodic reward system for the most recognized employees. You can choose from over 600 top brands or create your own custom rewards!

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Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues, while encouraging growth mindsets.

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Pulse Surveys

Easily gauge employee satisfaction with our survey creation tool and pre-made templates. Track employee mood with our automated Mood feature to manage expectations and improve the workplace.

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Our software offers valuable analytics to track employee engagement, performance, and identify areas for improvement.

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