Powerful Data for Informed Decisions

Assess Engagement Results with analysis at company, department, or team level. Uncover strengths and challenges in Leadership, Management, Colleague Relationships, and Work-Life Balance

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Participation Report and metrics of the year

Stay Connected to your Organization's Vibe with Time-Based Insights

You may be missing out on valuable insights that could help you better understand your people and make data-driven decisions. With an analytics dashboard, you can gain a deeper understanding of your employees' needs, preferences, and behaviors, and use this information to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Feedback Analysis via individual profile

People have access to their own analytics and managers can see their statistics. Make data-driven decisions when it comes to your people.

Recognition Analytics with leaderboard for people and badges
Team feedback dashboard with all active feedbacks

Feedback Analytics

Gain insights into feedback flow with our feedback analytics feature. Choose between Access to Team Feedback or Private Feedback.

Team Feedback allows admins to view all feedback activity.

Private Feedback is completely confidential between feedback provider and receiver.

Recognition Analysis

Get a deeper understanding of employee recognition through individual profiles. Our unique analysis provides a detailed overview of each individual's recognition history, including who they have recognized, who has recognized them, and the types of recognition they receive and give.

Top 3 badges via recognition analysis on the individual profile
Recognition analytics leader board for tracking progress

Track Employee Recognition Success

Effortlessly Monitor progress with reports. The leaderboard can also be public to everyone if the admins decide so.

Analyze Surveys with Ease

Uncover insights into Employee Engagement with Data Analysis - Export to CSV or PDF and identify strengths and improvement opportunities in your Employee Experience.

Pulse survey analytics dashboard from all active surveys
Rewards leader board and status of redemption

Rewards Tracking

Stay up-to-date on employee rewards and redemption status.

Export all the data

Choose the data you want to export, filter by badge, users, or even by teams, and export via CSV or JSON. You are ready to run your own analysis! You can also use our own API.

Export General Data dashboard, filtering by users

Discover More Features

Reward trophy

Recognition & Rewards

Assign a specific value to each recognition tap or establish a periodic reward system for the most recognized employees. You can choose from over 600 top brands or create your own custom rewards!

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Group of people icon

Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues while encouraging growth mindsets.

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Task completed icon

Pulse Surveys

Easily gauge employee satisfaction with our survey creation tool and pre-made templates. Track employee mood with our automated Mood feature to manage expectations and improve the workplace.

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Analytics graph with bars

Track the Mood

Mood changes happen all the time and that can be a problem for workplace morale. Activate the Mood survey and check your peer's current mood.

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