Providing feedback only during performance reviews?

People need to receive feedback from managers and peers more than once a year, in order to evolve. With Tap My Back you can create a real-time feedback culture starting today.

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Feedback Hub templates to give feedback

80% of employees prefer to receive relevant feedback now rather than waiting for the annual performance review. (HR Dive)

The outdated approach of yearly feedback is hindering employee growth and engagement. With only a single opportunity for feedback, it's no surprise that employees feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

43% of employees who identify as being highly engaged receive feedback at least once a week. (Forbes)

Stagnant feedback leads to stagnant growth. Don't let your employees be limited by a yearly performance review - empower them with real-time insights and drive their success.

Give Feedback

Empower Managers and Employees with Science-Backed Feedback Using Our In-App tips.

You and them can give private feedback to anyone in your organization.

It's also possible to enable anonymous feedback to be shared proactively.

Give feedback template about check-in conversation form
Various feedback templates to request feedback

Request Feedback

Request private feedback from your team, colleagues, and managers. Choose from different personalized templates or create one from scratch and automate the recurrence of that feedback request. At the end of each template, you can request a presential check-in with that person. Track improvements on your profile.

Schedule Conversations for Teams

Leaders need to focus not only on tasks but also on people development. With our feedback setup tool, account admins can set up the cadence that best fits your organization's reality and create a culture in which leaders and direct reports get closer, align their priorities, and focus on the development of skills that enable the growth of both people and the company.

Dashboard of scheduled feedback requests from different teams
Feedback leaderboard with skills evaluation and analytics

Analyze Feedback Flows

Admins see all private feedback activity here. Customize the period of analysis and filter by teams or users. Get a picture of how feedback is flowing in our Leaderboard and the Activity Graph.

Team Feedback Monitoring

As an administrator, stay ahead of the curve by having full visibility into the feedback being shared throughout your team. With our feature, you have the option to monitor 1-1's, skills feedback, and all other forms of feedback.

The choice is yours - enable or disable the feature depending on whether you prefer total privacy or to use the feedback data for annual appraisals.

Various team feedbacks active - admin view
Dashboard with all the default skills to give feedback on

Skills Management

Feedback can be given according to ratings on specific skills. The account admin can create skills for the organization, teams, and specific employees. Name, describe and categorize them (like 'soft skill', 'hard skill', 'sales skill') and enable or disable them whenever you want to.

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