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Participation Report and metrics of the year

Maximize Employee Potential and establish Recognition as a data-driven business advantage

By utilizing data and insights, you can make informed decisions about how to recognize best and motivate your employees. With this approach, you can effectively boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance, ultimately unlocking their full potential.

Uncover Your Top Recognized Employees

Easily Monitor Employee Recognition Progress with Reports and Leaderboards. The leaderboard can also be public to everyone if you decide so.

Recognition Analytics with leaderboard for people and badges
Filtering by employee, by badge, and by team

In-depth Analytics

Filter by Employee, by Badge, and by Team to gain Actionable Insights from our dashboard. Or you can export the data and run your own analysis. We also provide you with some graphs with an overall view of the activity.

Export Employee Recognition Data

Easily export Recognition data for analysis and reporting. Choose from CSV or JSON, and select your preferred Date Range to identify Top Performers and drive Predictive Insights. Our API is also ready to connect with other platforms.

Export Recognition Data filtering badges or users to CSV or JSON files

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Recognition & Rewards

Assign a specific value to each recognition tap or establish a periodic reward system for the most recognized employees. You can choose from over 600 top brands or create your own custom rewards!

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Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues, while encouraging growth mindsets.

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Pulse Surveys

Easily gauge employee satisfaction with our survey creation tool and pre-made templates. Track employee mood with our automated Mood feature to manage expectations and improve the workplace.

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Our software offers valuable analytics to track employee engagement, performance, and identify areas for improvement.

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Build a powerful real-time feedback culture