The simplest tool for employee recognition and 360º feedback

Tap my Back is the #1 tool to implement an instant recognition and feedback culture. Improve workplace motivation and boost team performance in less than 5 minutes per month.


Tap My Back

of employees that quit their jobs,
say they don't feel recognized for their job.

Tap My Back is an employee recognition tool that helps companies retaining top talent.

The best companies

  • Recognize often

    They define the behaviours that want to push on the team and celebrate the positive things of daily work.

  • Give Feedback that works

    Share personalized feedback when it matters. Being it after a great presentation, a tough week or any relevant occasion.

  • Make better People decisions

    Analyze team's performance and motivation constantly, driving data-driven people decisions.



You can tap and you can re-tap
everytime you see a tap on
the feed you agree

360 degree feedback

Evaluate your colleagues recent performance
It may be done privately
and if wanted anonymously


You can see your tap record!
Level up, be a master and know
your strengths and weaknesses

Personalized Badges

Customize the praise!
Create Badges that make
sense for your team

Dashboards and reports

Personalized dashboard for
performance analysis
and weekly email reports

Team Message

Share important links
or just send a message
to all your team members

feature tap my back

Multi-team support

Create subteams
and organize your
company structure

feature tap my back

Multi-device app

You can use our software by
downloading our mobile app
or access it on any browser

Slack Integration

Integrate Tap My Back with Slack and see all recognition on your channels

Create a new team for free

You can try Tap my Back without any commitment for free during 7 days. It takes less than 30 seconds.

Boost Workplace Motivation

Peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most valuable forms of appreciation at the workplace.

It gives a continuous feedback on the employee performance and gives him the motivation to continue improving and being a team player.


This leads to a better employee engagement which reflects directly on the happiness level of your team and boosts the company performance and productivity.

“Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company it will be invincible.”

— Sir Richard Branson

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