employee recognition and feedback goes real time

Enhance a real-time feedback culture and track growth opportunities.
Align your values through recognition. Monitor engagement.

The best companies use Tap My Back

Tap My Back
64%of employees that quit their jobs, say they don't feel recognized for their job
70% of employees feel they don't have someone in their organization that encourages their development
Tap My Back is a tool that allows employees access to appreciation and constructive feedback in real time

Reinforce values

through recognition

Work recognition simplified, social and values-driven. Drive a culture of real-time work appreciation in your organization while guaranteeing that these actions are meaningful by being associated to desirable behaviors.

Increase personal growth

with real-time feedback

People in your organization need feedback on-time more than ever. Anyone can give feedback and ask for feedback when the need arise.

Feel the pulse of your organization

Track engagement and mood

People can share how they feel on a continuous-basis, and an engagement question is launched recurringly. You can track the company’s mood and learn how engagement looks like in your organization.

Use Tap My Back in Slack

Don’t leave Slack, through there share your mood and give real time work appreciation!


Why Tap My Back?

Tap My Back will support your organization to increase employee engagement on all its pillars – Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy – defined by the reputed behavioral science author Daniel Pink.



  • Employees feel more impactful when appreciated on-time
  • Continuous feedback accelerates the impact curve from employees


  • Real-time feedback drive trusting relations among employees
  • Trust work relations enable more accountability and work autonomy


  • Real-time feedback accelerates personal growth
  • Personal analytics helps tracking new personal development opportunities

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