Do former go-getters seem unmotivated or dissatisfied?

Start recognizing and rewarding top performers to create a positive and productive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated to do their best work

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People tend to leave when they feel they are not being properly recognized

Failing to recognize employees can lead to high turnover rates, low engagement and poor performance, which can ultimately have a negative impact on the company's bottom line.

Your company is losing money if you don't reward people when they deserve it

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that firms with engaged employees outperform their peers by up to 147% in earnings per share.

Start rewarding your people when they help your organization succeed!

Global Catalog

Easily and effectively reward your employees with Tap My Back's comprehensive digital rewards catalog, featuring gift cards from +600 top brands, prepaid cards, and the ability to donate to charity at the click of a button.

It works around the globe and without markups!

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Custom Rewards

Our platform offers a personalized approach to employee rewards, allowing you to create a customized list that fits your specific needs. Whether it be company swag, additional vacation days, branded trophies, or any other unique ideas, the possibilities are endless with Tap My Back.

Rewards Program

Choose to set up one of two types of rewards programs:

1 - On Going: where every tap received by an employee automatically adds to their rewards balance.

2 - Time-Based: where at the end of a selected period, the employee with the most Taps within that period will receive a prize corresponding to the points exchange rate defined in the program.

Rewards options, on going vs time-based
Reward analytics and leaderboard

Rewards Analytics

Easily track and monitor employee rewards with our platform's comprehensive tracking system.

As an account administrator, you have the ability to see which rewards have been awarded and redeemed by your employees in real-time.

Be an Organization who listens and cares to employee's overall well-being.

Explore our unique features which fosters 360 deg employee development

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Discover More Features

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Recognition Taps

Unlock the Power of Positive Reinforcement and Recognition by distributing Taps across different channels.

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Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues while encouraging growth mindsets.

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Pulse Surveys

Easily gauge employee satisfaction with our survey creation tool and pre-made templates. Track employee mood with our automated Mood feature to manage expectations and improve the workplace.

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Our software offers valuable analytics to track employee engagement, and performance, and identify areas for improvement.

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Build a powerful real-time feedback culture