Misaligned teams and isolated employees? Unleash actionable feedback!

People need to receive feedback from managers and peers so they can develop their skills and help the organization grow. With Tap My Back you can create a real-time feedback culture starting today.

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These companies are building a continuous feedback culture

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These companies are building a continuous feedback culture

Are people complaining about not feeling listened to? Time to reconnect.

74% of employees report being more effective at their job when they feel listened to. The statistic highlights the importance of mutual, continuous, honest and constructive feedback, both remotely and in the office.

  • Science-based or custom templates to provide real-time recognition
  • Request private feedback from your colleagues and managers
  • Create recurrent check-ins to review goals and developments
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Tons of stress due to the annual performance review? Let’s leave that in the past.

Performance appraisals can be biased: sometimes they are done based on the opinion of just one manager who can only remember what happened in the last 15 days, when there is a whole year of work to evaluate. Appraisers feel stressed by this and employees can feel unfairly treated.

  • Access feedback history on Tap My Back to prepare the annual review
  • Remove bias in performance reviews using 360º degree feedback
  • Allow employees to improve throughout the year with regular feedback

Finding it difficult to understand your team’s skills? We make them more visual for you.

Finding, developing and managing talent in your organization doesn’t have to be complex. With Tap My Back you can sit back & analyze real-time skills data whenever you need it to conduct the entire process in a more informed way.

  • Allow skill-oriented feedback and let people know where to improve
  • Configure skills for different teams
  • Analyze results , training, performance review, internal recruiting and more

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Built to integrate with Microsoft Teams, Slack & Google

Give recognition, feedback and answer surveys directly from with your favourite work tools

We didn't want to brag, but... our clients love us!

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Ana Mariani

Communication Supervisor, McDonald's

Simple & fun

Tap My Back is a simple and fun tool that through recognition stimulates employees to become better. A feedback with no barriers or hierarchies is its most important value.

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Tosh Hudson

Client Manager, University of Arizona

Easy way for feedback

Tap my back has allowed us to provide another easy and simple way for our leadership program participants to share feedback with one another

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Eduardo Mendes

HR Manager, Pernod Ricard Portugal

Digital & innovative

Tap My Back allows for a culture of feedback to emerge bottom-up. It's digital, innovative, easy to use and quite fun. There was a clear WOW effect since day one.

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Gary Prignano

Senior Facilities Manager, CBRE

Great tool

The TapMyBack program has been received strongly by our organization. A great tool to show employees recognition. Outstanding customer support!

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Joaquim Leal

Head of Internet & Mobile, Millennium BCP

Boosts motivation

Tap My Back has been serving the purpose of increase our group's motivation and team spirit. The social and gamification components proved to be crucial to improve engagement.

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Promoting good culture within the organization

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Farm & Stable rides HR trends with Tap My Back

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The impact of continuous recognition on rapidly growing organizations

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Build a Feedback Culture and Feel the company's pulse


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Social, public recognition + rewards

Give proactively private feedback

Support continuous development through unlimited Skill Badges

Send feedback requests at the right timing

Have peer-to-peer check-in conversations

Do self-reviews

Pulse Surveys

... and much more

Tap My Back works wherever you do.

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