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Promoting good company culture within the organization

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MEON was on the lookout for a platform that aligned with the company values, promoted a good company culture, and allowed them to recognize employees for their achievements in a way that was easy to use and set up.

After just 10 days of trial and configuration, all the teams were up and running on Tap My Back.




Portsmouth, UK



Company culture is the shared set of values, beliefs and attitudes that guide an organization. It’s reflected in how companies treat their employees as well as their customers. A strong company culture improves productivity, decreases turnover and boosts employee engagement

Meon is using Tap My Back to promote its culture and values within the organization.

We use TapMyBack for a number of different things;- a monthly ENPS score for the company, gathering feedback from cross-department team members on certain activities and most importantly, recognising staff contribution based on the company values which we use as the measure for rewarding the employee of the month, which we find the best way as it is completely unbiased and also gives all members a change to recognise others, not just limited to the team leaders/managers. The website is easy to use, and the integration to Microsoft Teams is absolutely perfect as we use Teams all the time so have TapMyBack right there available without having to think about checking in online.

Kieron Moyle, Finance Manager

Company culture: Listen, Collaborate and Grow

Both Meon and Tap My Back agree that the secret for a sustainable business is happy customers and happy customers come from employee engagement with consistent values that deliver memorable customer experience. Communication and simplicity are keys for a strong collaboration. Meon has always tried to innovate and perform better, so does Tap My Back trying to implement specific needs Meon might have through the years. Tap My Back added integration with Slack, Gmail and MS Teams, making its use simple and straightforward.

As Gary Spencer, Meon’s Managing Director, explains:

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“Tap My Back is easy to install and extremely intuitive. The main team made connection with us and helped us understand extra features and even took on board some of our ideas which were later implemented. The integration with MS Teams is useful. The main recognition platform is so simple to use plus alignment with our company values is pertinent and clear to use. I thoroughly recommend the platform as simple yet effective”

Gary Spencer, Managing Director

  • Number of Taps up by 117% year on year
  • eNPS increased from 27 to 51 in 3 years
  • Consistent spread in employee of the month
  • Constructive improvement due the feedback requests
  • All leading to a 23% increase in revenue and 40% in profitability

Leverage Tap My Back to Celebrate Team’s achievements

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses around the world has been tough and challenging, at any level and dimension, from small to enterprise-level companies, and from the construction industry to the software industry. Around one year later, the feeling emerged that burnout and demotivation threats are real. Maybe you were one of the managers/leaders that sailed this kind of wave of emotions during the first twelve months of remote work. And after all, even if you see all the upwards of it, you realize that you need a clear plan to manage the new reality (no matter whether full or hybrid remote, there are risks in both scenarios). 

The repercussions on our individual and collective behaviors have been harsh, yet in the darkness, we find a glimmer of light and hope. It is reassuring, for example, that at a time when so many of our most basic assumptions about the way we work together are being turned upside down, companies such as Meon are looking for ever-improving HR solutions and new styles of leadership to underpin, not undermine, humanity in their organizations.

That is why Meon chose Tap My Back to help to complement the communication strategy already in place and to cope with the upturning of the way we used to work, steadily expanding its use every day. According to Neil Potter, Head of Marketing at Meon “[Tap My Back is] Great stuff, we have been using the software for a long time with no issues. It’s a great addition to our HR workflow”.

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What do Meon employees say about Tap My Back?

Giles Whiteside

Sales Manager

Recognise who performed well

It's really a great way to give Taps to people who have performed well or just helped you out of a hole.

Kieron Moyle

Finance Manager

Excellent way to say thank you

Tap my back has allowed us to provide another easy and simple way for our leadership program participants to share feedback with one another

Russell Smallridge

Supply Chain Management

Excellent and simple

Tap My Back allows for a culture of feedback to emerge bottom-up. It's digital, innovative, easy to use, and quite fun. There was a clear WOW effect since day one.

At Meon, steady commitment to continuously improving the management of a remote workforce, also because of the nature of their activities, has made it a resilient and reliable organization in a changing world. It’s by taking care of their workforce that they can continue to meet their customers’ high expectations.

Each company will have its own needs and requirements for employee engagement and recognition system. Are you ready to tell us which ones are yours?