Track your Teams' Pulse with Surveys

Uncover Hidden Issues and Foster Open Communication. Gain Insight into Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. Our Enjoyable, Science-Supported Surveys drive results.

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Act on Relevant Insights, Easy Employee Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your teams with Pulse Surveys. Simply add employees and send - it's that easy. Choose anonymous or non-anonymous surveys, promoting a culture of trust and transparency and your teams will be reminded automatically just before the deadline.

Use a Template or Create your own

Automated pulse surveys are customizable and offer different question types, like rating or multiple choice, that’ll help you generate new insights regularly. With minimal effort, receive valuable feedback on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Choose your questions and launch them directly or share via a link.

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Pulse survey analytics for engagement survey, job satisfaction and mood

Dive into Data, Analyze Surveys easily

Discover valuable observations into your employees' engagement with Survey Analysis. Pinpoint Strengths and areas for improvement in Employee Experience. You can also export to CSV or PDF the results.

Your Reputation Matters, Measure eNPS

Track and Improve your Company Reputation with eNPS Measurement. Understand your Employees' Loyalty and Satisfaction to enhance your brand image and drive Business Success.

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Track how your people feel

Understand and Enhance Employee mood with our Mood Measurement Feature. Gain insights into how your employees feel and take action to foster a Positive and Productive Workplace.

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Recognition Taps

Unlock the Power of Positive Reinforcement and Recognition by distributing Taps across different channels.

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Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues, while encouraging growth mindsets.

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Mood Tracker

Track your Team's Mood, enhance workplace satisfaction, and boost Productivity. Foster a supportive and positive work environment. promote employee well-being and mental health.

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Our software offers valuable analytics to track employee engagement, performance, and identify areas for improvement.

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