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Unlock the Power of Positive Reinforcement and Recognition by distributing Taps across different channels.

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54% of employees who quit felt that their employers didn’t value them (McKinsey)

Trust us, investing in employee benefits alone will not solve the problem of low employee morale and retention if there is not a culture of real-time recognition and easy-to-use tools to enable it.

Disengaged employees can cost up to 34% of their salary in lost productivity (The Hay Group)

Experience the difference proper recognition can make. Employees who are regularly acknowledged and thanked by their managers and peers are much less likely to feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Give a Tap

Giving a Tap is showing appreciation to someone in alignment with the organizational values. Publicly, but within your organization so that everyone can see it!

Anyone can give a Tap, to one or more peers independently of hierarchies, and everyone can reinforce it by giving retaps or commenting in the News Feed.

Process of giving recognition
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News Feed

Here the whole organization can see all recognition taps. You can also see your team messages, and answer your private feedback requests. Search for teams, users and badges, chat with us and give taps.

Personal Profile

The Personal Profile allows users to easily access and track their recognition stats.

Users can see the colleagues they interact with the most, the badges they've been awarded, and identify individuals they haven't given a recognition tap to in a while. The Personal Profile Menu is an essential tool for any employee looking to boost their recognition within the workplace and take their career to the next level.

Top 3 badges from recognition analysis
Recognition analytics leaderboard and badges

Recognition Analytics

As an admin, check how Taps flow in your organization. Set the analysis period and filter it. See our Leaderboard for who’s given/received most Taps and see how recognition activity is happening throughout time. Understand which are the desired behaviors or your values that are being reinforced.

Recognition Settings

Customize Recognition Badges - create or edit Badges to represent the values or behaviors that you want to reinforce and recognize employees for! Recognition Scarcity - challenge each employee to Tap their colleagues a specific number of times!

Badges Management screen

Discover More Features

Reward trophy

Recognition & Rewards

Assign a specific value to each recognition tap or establish a periodic reward system for the most recognized employees. You can choose from over 600 top brands or create your own custom rewards!

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Recognition Analytics

Our software offers valuable analytics to track employee engagement, and performance, and identify areas for improvement.

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Pulse Surveys

Easily gauge employee satisfaction with our survey creation tool and pre-made templates. Track employee mood with our automated Mood feature to manage expectations and improve the workplace.

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Private Feedback

Our private feedback feature allows for honest employee input and protects privacy. It helps management identify and address issues, while encouraging growth mindsets.

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