Who are we?

We are a product from Build Up Labs. We build our own ideas or partner with entrepreneurs on these ventures.

Employees can be better colleagues and managers can be better leaders. We don’t like complexity, so we made sure to create this in the most intuitive, simple way. We see a world where life is simpler and more enjoyable.

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Our story

Back in 2014, Tap My Back’s parent company was growing rapidly, doubling the team size every year. Employees began to lose the sense of the impact that they were having on company performance. Not because they were having less impact, but because no one was taking the time to recognize great work or give feedback.

That’s how Tap My Back was born, as a way to people recognize each other efforts, motivate teams to grow, and reinforce important values. We believe everyone deserves to be listened to and we all can learn from each other.

Built in sunny Lisbon to the world

Lisbon is in our hearts! If you visit us, we assure you it will be on yours too. With great golden light all year long and amazing food (and beer… and wine…).

Tap My Back

is trusted by world-class companies

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Tap My Back is the engagement software to bring your team to the next level, no bells and whistles and straight to the point

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Our team

Vítor Soares

Chief Executive Officer

Dário Carrasquinho

Growth Manager

João Pereira

Lead Developer

Guilherme Dias

Community Manager

Susana Quintãs

Clients & Traffic Manager

Ana Mendes

Chief Financial Officer

Arthur Santos

UX/UI Designer

David Rizzo

Business Developer

Ana Godinho

Customer Success Analyst

Íris Jerónimo

Growth Analyst

Beatriz Bilro

Content Creator

Andrea Fontes

PhD Researcher & Product Advisor

Ricardo Pereira


Rui Gouveia


Sérgio Ramos


Help your organization to grow by engaging employees and building smarter leadership