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Farm & Stable rides HR trends with Tap My Back

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Based and founded in the UK in 1975. For decades, Farm & Stable has been a point of reference for equine professionals, supplying the best product to support sport horses across all disciplines. This is the story of how they use Tap My Back to foster recognition in the workplace in innovative and creative ways.




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They believe in what they do and in important values such as professionalism and gratitude. Their goal is to provide and deliver the best product putting a smile on everyone’s face, yes! Their way to say thank you to customers is by adding a FREE chocolate bar with every order! Besides taking care of their customers they also care for their employees. Back in 2018, Farm & Stable was introduced by MEON LTD (see here their customer success story) to Tap My Back with the goal to make their employees’ work recognized and improving their morale and motivation.

Tap My Back is an employee engagement software that helped in the last 3 years Farm & Stable to solve one of the thorny problems that leaders and managers have to deal with nowadays, lack of team recognition. Especially during this pandemic time when distances between peers and the chance to lose contact with the team are becoming a real issue, Tap My Back represented the solution to a newly emerging problem.

The software itself does not feel like the common, boring, enterprise software, Tap My Back is like a social app, fun, easy to use, and easy to implement. Indeed, by implementing Tap My Back, the Farm & Stable’s first goal was to recognize the employees’ work and improve the communication and engagement between everyone within the company. As Laurence Newton from Farm & Stable explains:

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“A great app to foster employee recognition and celebrate all the great work which is being done behind the scenes. Team members who have no direct communication often know the great work someone has done by looking at the news feed.”

Laurence Newton, Regional Sales Manager

Support, Engage and Build Culture

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The British company, looking for a way to foster peer-to-peer recognition across the organization, has 80% of its workforce actively using the most popular plan, the Engage plan. In fact, Farm & Stable love to use the pulse surveys to monitor the job satisfaction assessment, the feedback tool for their monthly meetings, but above all, they love to use Taps to recognize and award their employees effort and achievements. Whoever gets more recognition is awarded prizes worth approximately 50£!

As Laurence explains:

“At the end of every month, the employee with the most taps gets to spin the wheel of fortune to win something”

And continues:

“As with all things we have the champions who use it every day and help others to see the value in using it. Without doubt the more taps you give the more taps you get”

Inclusion tool that promotes the company’s value

Besides being a great tool to display achievements and allocate rewards, the usage of this recognition and feedback software brings to the company a second, but no less important, advantage: the promotion of your company’s values.

A company’s values must be the guiding principles that help your team work better together towards common goals. Indeed, every successful organization has strong company values that should be recognized and shared. It can be underrated sometimes, but the benefits of it are countless:

1. Everyone within the company is aligned. Having in mind what the company stands for, aligns everyone towards the common goals, making decisions easier to make and communication consistent and well-defined.

2. Improve motivation. Employees that share and cultivate the company’s values, work in an environment of psychological safety that motivates and engages more.

3. Hire the right people. Shared and recognized values tell you if a person is a right fit for your organization. Your employees are the reflection of your values in front of every customer.

Spreading the culture of the company has become an essential part of an organization that aims to achieve greater results and work in a more productive environment. The numerous advantages a company can have in making sure to highlight and promote their company’s values, emphasize the importance of the adoption of recognition software that can be customized around every specific company’s values.

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  • High usage: 27 active users have given already 1000 taps in just these first 6 months of 2021
  • The employee of the month based on Taps received
  • 80% of the workforce actively uses it

Farm & Stable leverages this social and values-driven employee engagement software by customizing the use of Taps making them aligned with their company’s culture.

Laurence Newton states: “The taps are based around our values so you can see examples of where they are being held to and promoted within the company”

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Farm & Stable's case shows how a company can improve engagement, motivation, and the benefits of spreading the company’s values in an interactive, fun, and positive way. It’s easy, you can do it by simply choosing software that comprises everything under the same roof.

Why don’t you stop bouncing from one solution to another? Just start a free trial account with Tap My Back, test its impressive features, and make the right choice.