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Promoting company values through employee recognition and creating an innovation culture

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ARKER was a young startup with values well thought out since day one. But as the company was rapidly growing and in a very competitive landscape, the top leadership felt that it was imperative to ensure all employees were embracing an innovation mindset.




São Paulo, Brazil



A Brazilian pioneer in Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

Founded in 2019, Arker is a Brazilian technology acquired by Neogrid in 2021, a multinational group focused on automatic supply chain management.

Specialized in offering technological solutions that help other companies to automate the management of their commercial funds, Arker has tools that range from budget planning to the execution and proof of commercial actions through image recognition.

With operations in several Latin American countries, the company has in its client portfolio reference companies in the market, such as Grupo Bimbo, Genomma Lab, M. Dias Branco, Ontex, Heineken, Sanofi, and Pepsico.


Strengthen company values and build an innovation culture

Like all successful global companies we know, ARKER has a leadership team that is very aware of the company's culture importance and its impact on the business. And as happened to most businesses between 2020-2021, the lockdown effects didn’t make it easier to build strong company cultures.

Both Thomaz Camanho and Fernanda Paixão, respectively the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Administration Officer, realized that it was a crucial moment to implement measures that not only will prevent a setback in the existing culture, but also transform this threat into an opportunity. The idea was to implement a program which the main goal would be not only to remind people of company values in a meaningful way, but also to build upon a culture of innovation, where people that try to innovate would get the credit for it.

Plus, with a home office scenario, that continued after the pandemic, it was also important to maintain the communication and connections between people - thank and recognize colleagues with culture-related badges.

But there was a main operational requirement: to have employees engaged in this new program, it was crucial that these features could be used inside Microsoft Teams.

“I think it's a great tool to recognize employees. It brings the team together during this pandemic time. Overall I think it's great!

Vitória Lima, Financial Analyst


Have it all integrated with Office 365 and MSTeams

After finding some software options that could offer an employee recognition system linked to customizable badges (e.g. company values), but also other features like private feedback and pulse surveys, there were still 2 important requirements to be aligned: allowing users to have the platform in Portuguese language and, even more important, to be working within MS Teams.

After finding out about Tap My Back integration with Office 365 and MS Teams, and that both parties could operate in Portuguese, the time between creating an account on Tap My Back, connecting with Azure Active Directory and rolling out to the entire organization was just about a week!

Besides recognizing on MS Teams the people that incorporate ARKER’s values, pulse surveys like Mood tracking and private feedback also started to be used after the initial rollout.

“Fulfills everything it promises, I felt much closer to my colleagues through this tool. Using it to give the famous taps, I could also feel very positive feedback from my colleagues.” 

Guilherme da Silva, Developer


By implementing a recognition and feedback app on MS Teams, ARKER achieved:

  • Greater people’s alignment with company culture and values, including newcomers
  • An Innovation Mindset, where failed attempts are seen as part of progress
  • Generate +30 Taps and +90 Retaps monthly (average)
  • Collected more than 500 survey answers and private feedbacks
  • Implemented a Gamification System to promote the integration of newcomers: every 3 months a report was analyzed to see who gave and received the most taps and the top 2 or 3 people received a prize - ifood voucher - and a digital trophy too.*

*currently the same type of rewards, including ifood vouchers, can be implemented directly with the Tap My Back rewards feature.

Fernanda Paixão Chief Administration Officer

Tap My Back has helped us maintain a connection between our employees at a time when everyone was working from home. We were able to replace that moment of fraternization, literally with a tap on the back: the handshake, a face-to-face thank you for team interaction and help. In addition, structured feedback also began to be part of everyday life, both from managers asking employees and vice versa. This has helped us to improve relationships as well as job skills. The platform helps maintain the company's culture even for people working remotely.

Fernanda Paixão, Chief Administration Officer

ARKER had already seen the results of working with the Tap My Back recognition and feedback software. Will your company be the next?