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WeAreDots, SIA (dots.), an information technology company founded and located in Latvia, a Microsoft Partner, was already using a local tool to recognize employees in 2021. However, the lack of integration with its main communication platform (Microsoft Teams) and the absence of some features that would add value, such as pulse surveys and private feedback, led the HR team to start looking for alternatives.




Riga, Latvia



Introducing dots.: The Technology Company Delivering Innovative Solutions

dots. is a technology company delivering innovative and practical solutions to complex problems. It is one of Microsoft’s technology partners, as well as a pioneer and innovator of intelligent solutions in the entire Baltic region. dots. approaches the challenges of traditional industries differently, using the most innovative advances in cloud and machine learning (artificial intelligence) technologies.

They pride themselves in inventing, protecting, managing and optimizing technologies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. But it’s not the only thing they are proud of: dots.’s leadership realizes that to take care of their clients, they need to take care of their people's experience first.


An Employee Engagement tool doesn’t work if it’s not… engaging enough

dots. faced a common challenge faced by many companies - the struggle to find a recognition tool that fits their needs. In 2021, they were using a Latvian tool for employee recognition but soon realized that it lacked integration with their main communication platform, Microsoft Teams, and was missing key features such as pulse surveys and private feedback. 

This led the HR team to embark on a search for a better alternative. They needed a solution that would provide a seamless way for their team members to recognize each other's efforts and accomplishments, even while working remotely, and also improve their work culture.

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Leveraging Technology: How dots. creates a positive work culture through Microsoft Teams

Baiba Gibnere from dots.

After some research for tools that besides employee appreciation also incorporate private feedback and surveys, all of this integrated within Microsoft Teams, dots. Human Resources Manager, Baiba Gibnere, found Tap My Back and asked for a demo. It was clear that Tap My Back could deliver the main features required by dots.’s use case, but after Baiba made some tests with some colleagues (some of them UX/UI professionals), they’ve identified a few improvements that were considered important for them.

Some of the improvements were: making the Mood survey results available in the news feed (optional); Gif library directly in the Tap feature; when giving a Tap should be possible to make its description anonymous (optional too). After a pilot phase and Tap My Back tech team implemented the agreed improvements, which made sense to much more accounts too, it was prepared a straightforward rollout plan with Baiba, which was successfully implemented.

By integrating Tap My Back into Microsoft Teams, they have created a seamless way for their team members to recognize each other's efforts and accomplishments, even while working remotely. Through this integration, dots. is able to cultivate a positive and supportive work environment, ultimately leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

“It gives an opportunity to engage with my colleagues without direct contact. Easy way to say thank you.” 

Linda B., Software Tester


Partnering with Tap My Back, dots. was able to:

  • Launch a Recognition Program, aligned with their company values, to a fully remote workforce
  • Generate +30 Taps monthly (on average), by more than 50 employees over time
  • Additionally to employee recognition, have an easy-to-use private feedback feature and the possibility to launch pulse surveys with minimal effort
  • All the features above mentioned being used within Microsoft Teams, plus notifications

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dots. team had already seen the results of working with the Tap My Back engagement platform. Will your organization be the next one?