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rready transforms their approach to Employee Engagement through Microsoft Teams integration

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rready has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and recognized the need to focus on employee retention and engagement as a strategic priority. They understood that empowering their people to give and request feedback, while effectively managing performance, was critical for sustaining their success.




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rready: The Innovation management experts

rready supports companies globally to unleash the full potential of their employees through bottom-up innovation and idea execution. How? By making employee-driven innovation in companies scalable, fun, and educational through SaaS-based solutions, they help companies leverage their most important asset: the employees. Serving over 40 clients in 15 different countries, across the globe. They stand for a playful approach without buzzword-bingo or innovation theatre.


How to keep Employee Engagement and Retention high?

rready faced a significant challenge amidst their rapid growth. While scaling their operations, they realized that their employee engagement levels should also be keeping pace. Low engagement has a direct impact on performance, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction, recognizing the urgency to address this challenge, rready sought a powerful solution that would empower their workforce to thrive. They needed an employee engagement platform that not only provided a seamless recognition and feedback experience but also created a captivating environment that would inspire participation. Since their communications are mostly based on Microsoft Teams, an integration was needed.

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Office 365 and Microsoft Teams Integration for increased participation and engagement

After some research for solutions that integrated within Microsoft Teams, rready's co-founder and CCO, Ralph Hartmeier, found Tap My Back and asked for a demo. Ralph tested the platform and the Microsoft Teams integration and realized it was all they needed to address their challenge.

They have successfully established a seamless avenue for team members to both acknowledge each other's outstanding efforts and accomplishments and actively seek valuable feedback. By integrating 180-degree feedback capabilities, rready has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and support within the organization. This deliberate focus on feedback has not only propelled productivity but has also significantly heightened employee satisfaction by cultivating a positive and empowering work environment.


By implementing a recognition and feedback app on MS Teams, rready has been able to:

  • Generate +20 Taps monthly (on average) in a team of approximately 40 people.
  • Keep fostering their natural innovation mindset.
  • Additionally to employee recognition, have an easy-to-use feedback feature to start gathering 360 feedback
  • All the features above mentioned being used within Microsoft Teams, plus notifications

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rready had already seen the results of working with the Tap My Back . What is your organization waiting for?