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Tavano Team + Tap My Back: 360-degree Feedback

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Tavano Team is a leading eCommerce agency that was looking for a strategic partner to help them develop an organizational culture based on timely 360-degree feedback. The company wished to empower employees by providing them with the habit of identifying improvement opportunities in others and their recognition. 




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A Growth-driven eCommerce Agency

Tavano Team was founded in 2009 and since then has been empowering other companies to develop their performance through data-driven decisions. By helping companies to measure, track and understand what matters to make a business grow.

The company offers different solutions in different areas such as Strategy, UX Design, Development, Marketing and NetSuite Integrations. With this business model, Tavano Team is able to serve companies in different sectors. 

This company believes in developing growth-driven professionals to ensure the success of the solutions they offer. More than that, it is constant the recognition of the importance of employees that are an integral part of the companies’ success.  

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Finding a Partner to address the Problem

Although being a growing successful company, Tavano Team faced low feedback satisfaction and 360-degree feedback sharing among its employees. As the company values employee engagement, it became crucial to address the issue.  The search for a partner that could ensure the feedback desired features to boost satisfaction and performance started.

Moreover, Tavano Team has a company culture of building around innovation, which benefits from ensuring feedback sharing and space for improvement push. 

Fernanda Olivera, talent and culture manager of tavano team

“I got to Tap My Back just searching on Google. It caught my attention that I could have a free trial to test features without asking for a first call with the vendor. In the trial, I quickly saw that it was very easy and intuitive to use. I believe that simple, fast, and easy usage is key to implementing successfully a new tool. Also, Tap My Back team was very open to doing some customizations so Tap My Back could easily be adapted to what we wanted.”

Fernanda Olivera, Talent and Culture Manager

Support, Engage and Build Culture

With Tap My Back, this company wanted to ensure that a difficult task such as a 360-degree feedback mindset was established.

Furthermore, together Tap My Back and Tavano Team determined the focus of their partnership. With Tap My back integrated on Slack, it becomes easy for leaders and managers to provide real-time feedback to employees. Moreover, Tap My Back was a crucial platform to help remote work adaptation due to Covid19 measures. 

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As Fernanda Olivera, Talent and Culture Manager at Tavano Team, explains:

“Tap My Back is a strategic partner to build a culture of continuous people development. This tool allowed me and the team to get into the habit of continuously and instantly recognizing each other. It helped us create and anchor the habit of giving and receiving feedback quickly and easily.” 

Fernanda Olivera, Talent and Culture Manager

  • Satisfaction with feedback increased by 25% in a period of one year
  • Strong Employee Engagement with number of retaps per month over 100
  • Constructive improvement due to feedback requests
  • 360-degree feedback and recognition activity along with the 48 employees that use Tap My Back

What do the Tavano Team employees say about Tap My Back?

It generates 360 feedback where members of any team can be recognized and also to track your professional development plan”

Tap My Back is helping us a lot to be able to build our organizational culture”

Great tool to create stronger team relationships!”

Tap My Back is a good ally for Talent management”

“A nice and easy way to praise your colleagues” 

Capterra Shortlist 2022 review

At Tavano Team, deep commitment is done to potentialize performance and employees satisfaction through 360-degree feedback sharing and recognizing of achievements. With specific and oriented features, Tap My Back is the complete tool to guide the company through this process.

The Tavano Team had already seen the results of working with the Tap My Back engagement platform. Will your company be the next?