Product Updates: Improving Employee Engagement


We improved and added some features to our feedback software. Check out our new product updates and begin building more engaged teams!

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We are evolving! We have grown ever more concerned about employee engagement, workplace fulfillment and talent retention. Therefore, we decided to add new features to our feedback software in order to best reflect employee growth and their desire to evolve as well. Our primary goal is to empower leadership by offering different features that best suit your managing needs. These new product updates have several useful features that we need to address.

New feedback templates

Sometimes it's hard to think of a way to accurately give useful feedback. We provide to you a series of engaging and useful templates that you can customize as you wish in order to get the results you want. You have several feedback templates purely focused on reviewing presentations, certain projects or the normal skills-orientated format. You can schedule these feedback requests in order to have a continuous employee feedback source that you can edit anytime you want.

Tap My Back templates for feedback


Introducing Pulse Surveys

The pulse of your company directly relates to your employee's performance and engagement. The pulse survey feature we added consists of various performance review surveys. These surveys are adaptable to your needs and focus more on employee insights than purely performance results.

Like feedback requests, they address different workplace occurrences.  You can choose from a variety of templates that focus on different subjects like engagement, development and even job recognition.

The goal for you is to have a 360 degree understanding of your workplace environment and relations. You can also schedule these surveys in order to have a constant reliable information source about your employees. With pulse analytics, you can analyze real-time feedback and assess the value to your team.

Pulse Survey Templates


Check-in conversations

When you ask for feedback, sometimes you leave something to say or address. In these product updates, we focused on making continuous employee feedback more valuable to you as a team manager. Now we provide the opportunity to establish a check-in conversation about specific feedback in order to add value to that specific insight. Sometimes we fail to address certain details and this new feature helps you establishing a follow-up discussion about those details.

Quick question form for one-on-one conversations


Feedback Education

Giving good and insightful feedback is easier said than done. Since you're not alone in that struggle, we added some important tips on how to manage feedback gathering. We reflect on the importance of a good feedback culture, how it empowers you as a leader and what to focus when addressing continuous feedback.

That information comes in pop up boxes, you just need to press the information button on the side to access these tips. Use that advice in a way that best suits what you are looking for in your feedback.

Feedback tips when giving feedback
Good vs Bad feedbcak analysis to help people be more efficient at giving feedback
12 actionable tips for giving feedback


Feedback requests in your newsfeed

Asking for feedback should be as important as any type of recognition in the workplace environment. Therefore, we added feedback requests to your news feed to reflect that exact concern. It shows who requested that feedback and what that person is asking about. It's simple, intuitive and effective, therefore it should be present in the news feed and visible to everyone.

Weekly check-in with a team leader


Mood feature update

What if you just want feedback about how are your employees feeling? We have updated our Mood feature so that you can integrate it into your new pulse surveys as a type of answer. It's a more informal and intuitive way to acknowledge how your team is feeling.

It can serve you as an insightful way to address someone according to their current mood and strive to improve workplace morale as a whole.  The mood feature is located now on the pulse surveys page and you can activate and turn it off anytime you want.

Types of answers available on Tap My Back platform
Survey templates


What do you feel about these new product updates? Are these new features helpful to you as a team leader? Give us your opinion about these features and leave a comment down below or send us your questions to [email protected].

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