Remote Work

The covid-19 pandemic opened the doors to remote work, and perhaps it was perhaps the only good thing it brought. In the beginning, it was seen a little with a bit of a frown however, several studies concluded that it was a way to increase productivity at work. Although it has some limitations, these limitations can be corrected through new technologies and a good cohesion at work. When fully utilized, it can be a great asset for some businesses looking to boost productivity.

Throughout this category, you’ll explore how great leaders manage to overcome the challenge of engaging remote workforces.

Why Remote Work can be hard – and how leaders can manage the challenges

In this virtual world,how can employee pulse surveys help assesstheir needs, reward great performance and deal with performance challenges?

The importance of asking “How are you feeling?” during remote work

A solution to the challenges of working remotely: ask the right questions, with consistency and attention to data - all with a Pulse Survey.