The importance of asking “How are you feeling?” during remote work


A solution to the challenges of working remotely: ask the right questions, with consistency and attention to data - all with a Pulse Survey.

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Managers often are aware of the obvious challenges of working remotely. Lack of face-to-face supervision; Social isolation; Security risks; Internet connectivity issues; Team communication challenges. However, there are more subtle challenges to managing a remote workforce, such as the fact that new employees may suffer from a lack of training and direct guidance, and employees who might have struggled with their performance and under typical circumstances may lose some motivation when separated from co-workers and managers who typically help them stay focused. There are many theories (some of them a little bit complex) on how to overcome the challenges of working remotely. But we want to bring you a very simple idea: ask the right questions, with consistency, proximity, and attention to data - all with a pulse survey.

Pulse Survey is one of the tools of Tap My Back, the Employee Engagement software that helps you to overcome the challenges faced during the pandemic. 

Asking the right questions, maybe this is the main secret of our lives. Tap My Back can help leaders with this difficult task. With a Pulse Survey, the idea is to help you better understand how your workforce is feeling. As the name says, they reflect the pulse of the organization. As a pulse, it changes over time. You need to be aware of ups and downs in order to adapt to your workforce’s needs. With a survey, you will be able to focus on what you want to know about them, from their basic thoughts to their critics about their workplace.

We provide you with several options in order to respond to probable organizational problems or issues. All of these templates are enabled for customization so that you can best adapt them to your organization.

You will also be able to analyze the score through all the editions of that Pulse Survey. Pulse Surveys will assess different indicators according to what you want to evaluate. You can check the value for each edition, in this case, each month, and properly assess that data. You can also see how that data evolves through time.


Are you listening to your employees enough? Listen. Lead. Engage - now more than ever. 

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