Employee Recognition – The Real Problem


The Real problem is solving the lack of employee recognition in the Corporate world. With Tap My Back employees can share recognition

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A lack of employee recognition has emerged as a real problem within the corporate world. A successful rewards and recognition system can motivate and create happiness in the workplace, and this impact can be seen through the power of appreciation.

When a company disregards an employee's achievements, the employee can feel less motivated to complete tasks. This can cause a spiral into various issues. However, the benefits of employee recognition are endless- for example, increasing retention and employee engagement.

When managers implement new recognition tactics, it is important to have their employees at the forefront of their minds. Doing so will translate into the best outcome for their employees, as well as the company.

The Problem

This problem arises when companies fail to recognize and meet the needs of their employees. When this happens, the work environment no longer encourages them to do their best. It might also make them feel less valuable to the organization. Employees may seek that value elsewhere, including at a new company. According to the research, 79% of employees quit their jobs because they don't feel appreciated.

Employees have a huge influence on a company’s sustainable competitive advantage; the daily decisions they make are valuable and inimitable. Additionally, they create a unique culture within the organization which fosters the growth of a productive, enjoyable work environment. Ultimately, a lack of recognition causes organizations to lose valuable employees daily, which sacrifices their competitive advantage in a constantly changing market.


According to studies, public and instant employee recognition is 6.6% more effective than traditional monetary rewards. This forces employers to get more creative in not only designing incentivizing recognition systems, but also in consistently utilizing that system. Many teams are geographically fragmented, or a hybrid schedule nowadays. This setup makes instant, public employee recognition increasingly more difficult. To be an effective system, employers must be able to track employees’ accomplishments and reward appropriately.

What is Tap My Back?

Tap My Back is an Employee Engagement App, accessible from an app store or on the web, which makes peer-to-peer and employer-to-employee recognition easy and fun. All taps are public and viewable on the main feed. This means employees can receive public recognition instantly. The feed becomes full will countless, positive encouragements given to individuals and their coworkers. They can re-tap on encouragement they agree with and comment on any tap to join in the recognition.

How Does It Work?

Giving a tap only takes a few steps:

  1. Choose one or more employees to tap, and select a recognition badge, such as Critical Thinker, Team Player, or Quality Achiever.
  2. Attach a fun GIF, meme, or image, to help celebrate the employee’s accomplishments.
  3. Send it out to the feed!

Additionally, employers can identify key characteristics they wish to promote within the company through the software by using those key items as recognition badges. Employers will also have access to reports that summarize the data, which allows them to better understand their teams. These provided insights help identify top performers, low morale employees, and even strengths and weaknesses of each employee.

Along with showing recognition publicly, the software also has an evaluation feature for situations where one on one feedback works better. It makes it easy for employees to ask for feedback and supervisors and peers to provide such. It is vital that employees understand what they are doing well, and what can and should be improved upon. In fact, it doing so is vital for optimizing growth of the organization as a whole. To emphasize this, there are gamification features in the personal profile sections that help motivate team members to grow, improve, and measure their own progress.

In short, Tap My Back is the best solution to assess and enhance employee engagement daily.

"Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company, it will be invincible." - Sir Richard Branson

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Employee Recognition – The Real Problem

The Real problem is solving the lack of employee recognition in the Corporate world. With Tap My Back employees can share recognition

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