Employee Engagement: A Ring is Not Enough


We understand that continuous and 360-degree feedback in real-time is a crucial tool for employee engagement and performance.

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A romantic relationship would never work if you don’t give continuous feedback to your partner. In business, like in love, the annual evaluation performance is not enough to achieve (employee) engagement, and employee recognition is key for a healthy relationship. Continuous and 360-degree feedback within a company is also a crucial tool for productivity and for personal growth development. Tap My Back can help you with that.

See how :)


Peter is celebrating his 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend. For that he took her to dinner in a fancy place with candles, he dressed nicely and put some perfume. He’s in love with Susan and meeting her was the best thing that happened in his life. She is completely different from all other girlfriends he had in the past as she is smarter and more challenging. He even bought an engagement ring to finally ask her to marry him.

When they arrived at the restaurant, he took her coat and pulled a chair for her, as a true gentleman would do. He was excited like a little kid in an amusement park as they sat down and as they were browsing through the menu to order she said:

- We need to talk Peter. - said Susan with a strange voice. - Yes, my dear, about what? - asked Peter touching her hand over the table. - Well, this is not working for me anymore. - she said removing his hand. - What do you mean? - asked Peter confused. - Well, I think I’m not in love with you anymore… - said Susan as Peter was speechless staring at his love. - … I think I need a different person in my life right now. - continued her. - Who? - Well, I don’t know yet, but I need a man with other interests. A man that treats me differently, that doesn’t call me everyday and doesn’t pull the chair or grabs my coat. A man that takes initiative to other things and brings adventure into my life. - said Susan in a cold way. - Why do you never said you didn’t like those things I do? - asked Peter. - Well, I was waiting for the right moment and I think you should’ve noticed. - How could I notice? Did you give me any signs? - Well, I frowned a couple of times. - I never guessed! All those times you seemed upset and I asked about what was bothering you and you said “Nothing, I’m fine.”? Weren’t you fine? - Of course not. You should know what you are doing wrong and what do you need to improve. - You could have told me. We could have had this conversations a long time ago, you should have given me hints during the year we were together. I would have improved and changed and tried to make it right for you. - said Peter desperately. - As I said, I was waiting for the right moment to talk with you. This would never work out, we are not a match. - she concluded. - We’ll never know. I never liked pulling the chair for you either, as many other things I just did because I thought you would enjoy them. We could have make this work for both if you decided not to wait until our year anniversary to rant about all the things you don’t like in me. I rejected a lot of other opportunities for you! I was even going to propose today! - Sorry Peter, an engagement ring is not enough and it’s not in my habits to give continuous feedback, I prefer to do only an annual evaluation and apparently you were bellow the expectations. I’m afraid we’ll have to end our partnership here. Please clear your desk at my place and leave the key.

By this time you probably realized already we’re not talking only about love relationships but also business and employer/employee relationships as well. All kinds of partnerships need a commitment from both parties to keep improving and be more in sync with each other and for that, a continuous feedback is of the utmost importance.

You can’t expect an employee (especially a new one) to figure everything out from him or herself. People are not machines who can read facial expressions and magically guess what they are doing wrong. People need to be guided, to be motivated to improve and excel. For that, being praised constantly, for what they are doing good, is key to keep them doing it on a daily basis.

It’s not all Susan’s fault, of course. Peter should have asked for her feedback as an employee needs to ask their bosses. Ask if they are satisfied with your job and ask for hints on how to improve. Don’t be afraid to seem needy.

On the other side, employers can’t be like Susan and they can’t, or shouldn’t, wait until the annual (boring) performance review to give feedback to their employees. Just ask any great leaders how they do things and how they know that continuous feedback and recognition is key for any company’s success.


Continuous feedback is key for employee engagement and motivation. Employee recognition is one of the most important aspects to keep teams happy and engaged with the company, as well as keeping and retaining talent in the house. With Tap My Back you can achieve all of that and build stronger teams. This simple app software boosts your team motivation through the power of peer-to-peer recognition. When a ring is not enough, a big tap can help.

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