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A systematic approach to recognize and engage employees through MSTeams

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AyataCommerce has a ‘remote first’ culture that greatly eases the impact of work on their employees’ lives. But as the company was rapidly growing, both the top leadership and project teams started feeling the need for a program that could answer their requirements for recurring recognition and feedback within Microsoft Teams.




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A People-driven eCommerce Solutions company

AyataCommerce was founded by Shine Mathew in 2016. It was formed based on his experience working with well-known retail brands across the globe with a simple concept in mind, making people’s lives easier. This applies to their customers, employees and partners. Their e-commerce implementations always have convenience in mind, and their ‘remote first’ culture is designed to deliver prosperity both for the company and its employees.

Even though the company started as e-commerce solution implementer, after a few project engagements with initial clients AyataCommerce became their trusted advisor. This is a result of their key focus, customer success, and when required always go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. The long-term strategy has always been based on people. The problem they are solving will change, and the technology they use will change. But if surrounded by good people who have the right attitude and approach clients focused on their success they can continue to grow as a business.

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Keep on clapping and occasionally doing video calls was not sustainable for effective recognition and feedback

Due to their focus on people, it was relatively easy for them to praise those who were doing well, despite its completely remote workplace since its inception. But as the company started growing rapidly, from around 15 employees to +130 in just 18 months (!), both the managing team and project managers realized that to keep the good habit of giving credit to people when due and also keep solid channels for feedback, a policy was needed to be specified and a program then selected. And, as their main communication channel is Microsoft Teams, of course, an integration to it was needed as well.


More than a software, found a partner that offered a flexible solution

AyataCommerce’s management team, including the CEO and the People Director, established the employee recognition and engagement internal policy. Based on that, they defined their requirements for a SaaS solution that could be used in MSTeams environment. This way, the employees based in about 10 different countries would have access to the same framework to praise, be praised and provide other forms of feedback. All of that with full visibility on an MSTeams APP and channels.

Some of the specific requirements included, but weren’t limited to, employee recognition limits (e.g. quantity per time frame and approvals), the possibility to link recognition to company values and to global rewards, allowing self-assessment, account theme with the same look and feel of the company, etc.

During the demos and trial stage, Tap My Back’s team shared materials to prepare for the rollout and created videos for AyataCommerce’s decision-makers to have all the information they needed for a successful launch. Plus, an account was customized to attend to all the specified requirements. This way AyataCommerce’s implementation team had all they need to communicate and kick off their employee recognition and engagement program, including Office 365 and MSTeams integration.

“The tool is clear and easy to use, The UI is clean and anyone can use it without the need for long tutorials. Giving recognition to others shouldn’t be a chore and Tap My Back makes it simple yet effective.” 

Rohan Morbey, Scrum Master


Partnering with Tap My Back, AyataCommerce was able to:

  • Launch a global Recognition Program, aligned with their company values, to a fully remote workforce
  • Make available to all employees an option for private feedback and recurring check-ins
  • All the features above mentioned being used within Microsoft Teams, plus notifications
  • Generate +40 Taps monthly (average)

“It’s a very easy way to provide appreciation and recognition for team members.” 

Athira Mani, Senior Software Engineer

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AyataCommerce had already seen the results of working with the Tap My Back engagement platform. Will your company be the next one?