Expert tips

Who is better to help you lead a team or manage your employees than experts in the field?

In this category, you can find some tips given by people with a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to managing the human resources of an organization.

Interview with Daniela Barroso and Mafalda Soeiro: 4-day work week at NMBRS

Is a four-day workweek really feasible? Daniela Barroso and Mafalda Soeiro from NMBRS share their company's experience with this increasingly popular idea.

Thoughts on HR and employee appreciation – William Tincup

WIlliam Tincup on the current and future state of employee appreciation best practices. An easy-going chat on HR best practices.

Interview with leadership Guru: Susan Mazza

Conversations that matter, relationships that work and results that inspire, Susan Mazza t.alks about how to engage and lead teams.

David Zinger on Employees’ Engagement

David Zinger is internationally respected as one of the most important employee engagement experts in the world. Here is our interview.

Employee engagement expert Patti Johnson on organizational change

Author of Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life. She answered a few questions that we are very glad to share.

5 Ways to Increase Employee Survey Participation

Struggling to get your employees to participate in your workplace surveys? We’ve listed five solutions you can implement.

Interview with employee engagement expert: Margy Bresslour

Margy Bresslour, an engagement expert tells Tap My Back team how employee expression of appreciation impacts companies.

Erika Andersen on performance and leadership

She took the time to answer a few questions for Tap My Back regarding leadership and performance that we are very glad to share them with all of you.

HR expert Tim Sackett on Employee Engagement

Tim Sackett on employee engagement, covering topics that go from leadership and motivation to millennials and public recognition.