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Boss vs Leader: the difference can be detrimental to motivation, success, and productivity in the workplace.

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Boss vs Leader: Why it matters

Boss vs Leader comparison

More and more, leadership is evolving. People don’t respond as they once did to traditional management practices such as giving orders, micromanaging, and the implied sense of fear. The image of a bygone boss is not appreciated anymore, and genuine leadership is in high demand. Being a leader today is more complex than it ever was. It is about setting the tone and the culture for an organization, being a good communicator, being able to delegate, and being quickly adaptable to change. It’s important that people in these positions of power take the time to work on their leadership skills and make sure that they are allowing their employees to fulfill their maximum potential. To those who might think they are the same, let’s compare them, boss vs leader!


Boss: You’re having problems at home? And? You should keep your personal problems away from work. Leader: You’re having problems at home? If you need to take a day of to sort them out, just let me know.


Boss: As I said yesterday… Leader: As we discussed yesterday…

People Development

Boss: You should know how to do this with your eyes closed! Leader: I signed you up for a workshop so you can learn how to do this.

Respect vs Fear

Boss: If you fail, you’ll suffer the consequences. Leader: I’ve failed a lot of times. If you fail, it’s an opportunity to learn.


Boss: Let me check everything you’ve done before you send it. Leader: Just send it, I trust your decisions.


Boss: Tomorrow you’ll have to work late. Leader: Tomorrow we’ll have to work a couple more hours. Who’s with me?


Boss: We need instant results! Leader: This will pay off in the future.


Boss: Goodbye, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. Leader: Let’s grab a beer after work?

Processes vs People

Boss: We have to invest in better computers. Leader: We have to invest in HR and talent development.


Boss: I’m very proud of the work I’ve done. Leader: Congratulations to all of you! You’ve done it again!

Good leadership is also about introducing a good rewards and recognition system in your workplace. Great leaders recognize the benefits of employee recognition, and constantly strive to increase employee engagement and design a human-centered culture. Recognizing your employees for their good work, showing your appreciation for their effort, rewarding the top talent in your company, and building a 360-degree feedback culture inside your team will take you one step closer to being the best leader you can be.

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Boss vs Leader

Boss vs Leader: the difference can be detrimental to motivation, success, and productivity in the workplace.

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