8 ways to appreciate and motivate your team


Managing team appreciation and motivation can be challenging, at least. Here are 8 ways to appreciate and motivate team.

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Managing work appreciation and motivation can be challenging, at least. Here are 8 ways to appreciate and motivate your team throughout the whole year and improve your workplace.


Everyone likes free food! Some fruit, cookies, or even a chocolate cake can make wonders to push your employees that extra mile. It also has the benefit of promoting team communication as all of us like to have a chat during the launch break. Let’s just hope they don’t talk with their mouth full.

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Does your team like to play sports? Why not have a weekly game, on a football field or tennis court, where it’s all paid? It’s cheap and very effective to motivate employees and strengthen team spirit.


Sports at the office


Not that kind of flexible. Be flexible with your demands and always listen to your employees when they ask you a favor. If he or she needs to leave an hour earlier, why not be flexible? A good team player will proactively make up for the lost time. Give, before you ask.

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Don’t assume they are happy. Ask! Ask how is their motivation, and how are they feeling this week. What would they like to try new in the near future? If they are satisfied, your company will also be. Tap My Back has an Ask feature that allows managers and team members to ask for feedback in any format they wish to anyone in the company.

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Don’t forget about the daily small victories. This is an easy way of incorporating rewards and recognition in your workplace: celebrate each goal as if it was the first at the last minute. Make your team feel proud of every one of them! This way, all defeats they will encounter will be less painful.

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Grab a beer, go to a concert, or to a football game! Every once in a while leave the office and meet the person behind every employee. Get to know them and leave the boss hat at the office. Have fun!

Outside of the office meetings


Is your team working hard? Making extra hours or working late when they arrive home? Don’t assume it’s their obligation! Make them feel rewarded. Say “thank you” and give them a Friday afternoon. Send them home with a smile on their faces.

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Never reprimand publicly but always give recognition in front of the team! We all live for applause and a public appraisal is one of the best ways to motivate employees! “You did great! Congratulations” can do a lot for your team’s motivation.

Applause and Recognize in public

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