7 Ways to Show Your Employees They Matter


According to HR experts, recognition and appreciation are the two important tools employers use in 7 ways to show their Employees they matter.

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Employees are an essential part of any business. Many companies often demonstrate their appreciation for their employees by increasing their salaries. But this is not the most effective way of appreciating the time and effort employees have put into their work. A survey by Glassdoor found that approximately 53% of people would stay at their jobs longer if their boss had shown appreciation. Your workforce wants to feel recognized by the company even if it’s in the smallest way possible. Recognition and appreciation are the two main tools employers use to motivate their employees. Here are the top 7 ways to show your employees they matter.

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1. Take a Trip with Them

Going on a trip with your employees is one of the best ways to show them that they matter. A trip will help you bond with your employees on a more personal level. It will also allow your employees to see you as one of them. This makes it easier for them to trust you or even view you as a friend.

Trips are also great for team-building exercises, which help strengthen the relationship among the employees themselves and between the employees and the employer. Taking your workers on a trip shows that you care and that you want them to have fun.

2. Giving Awards

Awarding your employees is a great way of incorporating rewards and recognition in your workplace and showing appreciation for your employees' work. You can create a culture of giving awards every year by hosting an employee awards ceremony where awards are given to the best performing employees at the company. This will also act as an incentive for your employees. It encourages them to work more diligently.

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3. Providing Bonuses

Although money is not the best way to recognize your employees, giving them bonuses helps them know that you value their work. The bonuses may even be in the form of time off or extra vacation days to give them time with their families. Such perks help boost employees' morale and motivate them to stay at the company.

4. Contacting Your Employees Personally

Many employers usually contact or communicate with their employees through third parties such as secretaries and personal assistants. If you want to show your employees that you truly care about them, create some time, and talk to them on a one-on-one basis.

If you can’t do that, send them an email or facetime with them when you have time. Additionally, begin every conversation by finding out how your employees are doing in a genuine tone.

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5. Listen to Feedback

Another way of recognizing employees is by encouraging their feedback. You should even consider the employees’ feedback in the decision-making process. This goes a long way in promoting better engagement.

You should also acknowledge when the feedback is helpful and reward the employee appropriately.

6. Implement a Peer Recognition Program

You may not always be there to recognize or appreciate your employees when they do great work. Implementing a peer recognition program will help employees perform better. Such programs also create a more conducive working environment where workers value each other’s opinions.

Implement a Peer Recognition Program

7. Recognize Your Employees

Employees are the lifeline of any company. Employers can only help their businesses grow by recognizing the important roles that employees play, and appreciating them for it. Proactive leadership in any company mainly involves the employers and the employees. This means that employers have to listen, engage key stakeholders, and make informed decisions that will move the company forward.



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Employee recognition and engagement is proving to be of great importance in the workplace. Are you ready to bring it into yours?

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