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Happy Customers
  • Tap My Back is a simple and fun tool that through recognition stimulates employees to become better. A feedback with no barriers or hierarchies is its most important value.

    Author image
    • Ana Mariani
    • Internal Communication Supervisor, McDonald's
  • The TapMyBack program has been received strongly by our organization. A great tool to show employees recognition. Outstanding customer support!

    Author image
    • Gary Prignano
    • Senior Facilities Manager, CBRE
  • Tap My Back has been serving the purpose of increase our group's motivation and team spirit. The social and gamification components are crucial to improve engagement in an area such as ours with an heterogeneous set of skills.

    Author image
    • Joaquim Leal
    • Head of Internet & Mobile, Millennium BCP

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Is Tap My Back hard to set up?
No! It's pretty easy to create your account and to invite team members. It takes less than a minute and you can give it a try here. If you prefer, you can request a demo and we'll give you a complete walkthrough and offer the account setup. Request demo here.
Can I upgrade my package whenever I want?
YES! You can upgrade your account at any time. You can start a free trial and then upgrade the account on the menu.
How does the free trial work?
The free trial gives you complete* access to all Tap My Back features for 14 days with no need to give us your credit card or billing information. You can even extend your trial for another 14 days if you add 20 or more team members to your team. *Weekly email reports are a premium-only feature.
What payment methods are available?
You can pay via PayPal. If you need to pay with Credit Card or bank transfer, please send an email to hello@tapmyback
I have trust issues. Is TapMyBack secure?
YES! TapMyBack is password protected and encrypted.
Is there any setup fee or other hidden fees?
NO! There are no hidden fees! You only need to provide us your billing information if you purchase a premium package. With the free trial is not required any Credit Card information. We can also offer to do the account setup for you (adding users, customizing badges, etc.)
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
NO! You can resign at any time, although we would like you not to even think about it! But if you want to sign a long term contract we have discounts for annual semi annual payments.
Do I have to wait for my account to be upgraded?
After receiving the payment confirmation your account upgrade will be instantly upgraded.
Do you have any annual payment discount?
YES! Depending on the specifications of your team we have discounts for long term payments. Contact us to know more about them.