Sometimes a simple public appraisal can make the difference to motivate your team.

Taking that into consideration, we added a new feature to our employee recognition software. We now provide a simple way for a team leader to share a message with his or her team. It can be an inspiring quote from Einstein, a share of an interesting article or just a fun video to wish all team a great weekend.

The team admin just has to go to Menu>Manage>Team Message and type the message up to 500 characters he or she wants to display on the public feed to all the team.


After clicking save, the user is redirected to the main feed where the message is already available.


To change or delete the message the user just have to go to the previews screen and edit or clean the message.

It’s a simple new tool to promote engagement and to give an extra boost for the extra mile.

Tap My Back is an Employee Engagement Software available on your browser or mobile app.