Lydia Davis
Team Leader/Project Manager
How can increase motivation levels on my team?
How can I make my team members feel appreciated and energized?
Some of my team is working off-shore, how can I be more present for them?
The problem
Lydia wants to motivate her team on a daily basis. She knows that the usual yearly performance review and appraisal is not enough for most employees, and that they need to be recognized for their efforts every time they reach an important goal. She also wants to keep track of all feedback and to promote better team spirit and employee engagement. She have the need for a solution that is always available and that she can use to be more present with her team even when she can't be physically with them.
How we can help
Employee Recognition
With Tap My Back, she can award badges to her team, for all the daily achievements, that sometimes Team Leaders tend to forget to celebrate. All is kept on the public feed, where all embers of her team can see. A public and immediate appraisal that can also be done in a peer-to-peer way. Lydia now has a journal where all team members post entries motivating their colleagues and receiving that small but precious motivation boost we all need.
With Tap My Back, Lydia can customize the badges which actions she wants to be reinforced on her team. She can create new badges to congratulate different types of goals and achievements. She can pick the name and icon of each one and even go further and customize the app to have the colors and logo of her team, all in the name of engagement
Lydia has a geographical fragmented team, but with Tap My Back that doesn't mean the team can't be solid and united. With our web and mobile solution, both for iOS and Android, she can check their team efforts at any place and anytime. She can give a tap just after leaving a meeting with a client, or at home, after reading all that task status updates.
With Tap My Back, nothing is forgotten. Lydia can scroll all taps on the public feed, or access her exclusive admin area to see her team's activity and which are the badges being used more often. She can also see a general or filtered leaderboard, to see who is excelling at their work and who need a little more coaching. She decides if she wants to share this information with the rest of the team, or keep it private to her.
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