John M. Watts
Human Resources Manager
How can we retain our top performers?
How can I have more data for yearly performance evaluations?
The problem
John is the Human Resources Manager of a medium size company. He's not able to keep track of all employees performance and when it comes the time to do performance evaluations, he has to conduct interviews with all team leaders to gather information. In a fast moving industry, retaining talent is one of the major struggles he faces and he need help to keep all employees motivated and engaged with the company culture.
How we can help
Employee Recognition/Engagement
Recent studies say that 64% of employees who quit their jobs, do it due to the lack of recognition for their work. Studies also state that public recognition motivates 15% more employees that the usual monetary awards. With Tap My Back, all recognition is public and a record is saved for the future. This leads employees to be moremotivated and engaged and less likely to quit their jobs.
Peer Evaluation
With Tap My Back, John will have an important piece of information to complement the yearly evaluation process. All taps given and received during the year can tell a lot about the employee performance and engagement to the team and company. Besides that, John can also have access to multiple peer evaluations and this way see if an employee is improving.
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