Harry Sullivan
Team member
How can I get more feedback on my work?
How can I express my appreciation for all the help my colleagues are giving me?
I have a one year contract, how can know which areas I need to improve before the yearly evaluation process?
The problem
Harry is the most recent member of his team. He's always asking for help, as a newcommer should. Sometimes he feels that saying thank you for all that help isn't enough and he would like to express his gratitude in a more meaningful way. He also feels he need more feedback on his daily tasks and to be aware of what is doing right and what he need to put an extra effort to improve. He can't wait for the end of his contract to have a real feedback.
How we can help
Helping Hand/Knowledge Share
With Tap My Back, you get a set of default badges to start recognizing your peers right away. Two of them are the "Helping hand" and "Knowledge Share" taps, which are ideal for what Harry needs. Everytime a coworker helps him with a specific task or shares an important piece of knowledge with him, he can say thank you by giving them one of those taps, expressing his gratitude so all team can see how great team players they are. He can also give them a "Good Vibes" badge to all team members, just to say thanking for welcoming and helping him being part of the team.
Weekly Reports
Besides being notified when he receives a tap for a job well done, with Tap My Back, Harry also receives a weekly report of his performance inside the team. He can check which were the badges where he had more taps and re-taps from all coworkers and managers.
Peer Evaluation
With Tap My Back, besides giving recognition in real time, all users can evaluate their peers for their recent work performance. With only one finger and some simple drags, drops and swipes, all members can rate each others with the badge they think a coworker is great at and with other that represents an area they think it can be improved. This way Harry, can track his performance at the eyes of his peers and see opportunities to improve at his job.
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