Our Intuitive Features

Real Time Recognition

Social and public recognition is one tap away.
Give taps to anyone based on values or
behaviors you want to endorse on the go.

Continuous Feedback

Give and request honest feedback based on skills.
Create different poll and pulse surveys.
Answer feedback anonymously.

Analyze Personal Growth

Analyze your performance and personal growth.
Check top skills, skills to work on, and track mood.
Insights on helpful feedback and recognition.

Personalized Badges and Skills

Create as many badges for recognition
and skills for feedback as you want.
Take into account your goals and needs.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Check leaderboards, activity, badges, and skills.
Track trends and spot issues early.
Team and individual insightful reports.

Pulse Check - eNPS and Mood

Check on your people and how they’re feeling.
Send eNPS questions and track mood.
Share team messages to all team members.

feature tap my back

Add your Branding and Structure

Make Tap My Back feel like home by
adding your branding and structure.
Create teams and choose managers.

feature tap my back

Talkdesk Integration

Integrate with Talkdesk and have single sign-on.
You can use our software both
on a browser and on our app.

Slack Integration

Give taps through Slack and receive notifications
about taps, badges, team messages, and users.