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Users asked, we delivered: now Tap My Back has a new filter option so you can get more valuable insights. Use Team Feedback for Motivation.

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Team Feedback and Motivation - Announcing multi teams feature

Users asked, Tap my Back delivered. Our team motivation tool now provides the option to filter recognition by project, department or any special teams your workplace may be segmented in.

This means that you can simply assign your workforce to the respective team. You can set up an appropriate logo and you’re ready to go. Once it is done, you can easily recognize one entire team with a single click. You can also filter your recognition wall to check interactions concerning specific departments.

No matter the size of your company, having different teams set up makes it much easier for you as a manager. Spot the best performing employees, the ones with low morale or the opinion makers.

Providing a solid solution to boost team motivation and engagement on the workplace has always been the drive of Tap my Back since day one. It was the reason the product was built in the first place and keeps being the team’s sole focus on a daily basis.

Whenever prioritizing the introduction of a new feature or adoption of an integration we go back to our main focus. We ask ourselves what will have a higher impact on helping managers to motivate people? The feature we just rolled outcomes directly from people. The ones that over the past years have decided to take a step further to do the most they can to empower their staff. The ones that experimented or successfully implemented Tap My Back solution.

Tap My Back is mainly an employee feedback app. Here you can give continuous, 360-degree feedback in a very friendly way. Feedback has extreme importance within companies and work teams. It makes a huge difference in people's motivation to be better. Finally, it can help the creation of an honest culture.

Be receiving and giving feedback, employees feel that they are important and that people care about them, and also feel that their opinion is taken into account. These are the feelings that people who feel engaged with their company experience.

If you are an employee, and you feel that there wasn't be given feedback in a useful time for you, Tap My Back can be a solution!

Apart from giving feedback, in Tap My Back you can also ask for feedback at any time to any person or team you want. 

Now you have no excuses to start feeling engaged with your company.

If you would like to know more about how to ask for feedback, click HERE.

Managing people is a demanding task, therefore you should leverage the insights tools like Tap my Back may provide you. Set up your account using the multi-teams and enjoy the 7-day free trial offer.

Create your team and try Tap My Back :) 

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