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employee recognition and engagement!
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See how Tap My Back can boost
your employee recognition and engagement
of employees that quit their jobs,
say they don't feel recognized for their job.
With Tap My Back you can prevent this
It gives team members the motivation to keep improving their productivity and work performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team.
You, as a team leader, define what actions are available for recognition. This is a trigger for behavioral change and increased employee engagement.
Make your team happy
Peer-to-peer recognition
is one of the most valuable
forms of appreciation at the
It gives a continuous feedback
on the employee performance
and gives him the motivation
to continue improving
and being a team player.
This leads to a better
employee engagement
which reflects directly on the
happiness level of your team
and boosts the company
performance and productivity.
"Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company it will be invincible."
— Sir Richard Branson
You can tap and you can re-tap
everytime you see a tap on
the feed you agree
Peer Evaluation
Evaluate recent performance
Peer evaluation is not public
and it's anonymous.
How well are you doing?
You can see your tap record!
Check out which are your
strengths and weaknesses
Analysis & Reporting
Personalized dashboard for
performance analysis
and better feedback
Personalized Badges
Customize the praise!
Create Badges that make
sense for your team
Mobile App
You can download our app or
access via browser extension or
even by your team URL
Fun and easy to use
It's simple and easy to give a Tap!
Select who you want to give recognition to!
Choose the badge they deserve!
(the Team Leader can customize all the badges icons and names)
Leave a comment and just hit TAP!
(after that the tap will be posted on the public feed)
You can also evaluate your peers!
Cycle through your team and evaluate their recent performance!
Gamify your workplace!
With levels and awards, Tap My Back promotes your team's engagement!
Manage, Personalize and
keep track of your team
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